January 23, 2006
OK - Posted by Gregor at 07:04 PM

As of a few days ago, Jade Rhapsody has been put on hiatus pending our Storyteller feeling better and more creative. In its place, I shall attempt to run Aureate Chorale, the Abyssal side of the story begun in Obsidian Requiem to be started Friday after next, or whenever I have characters.

We're using Tri-stat dX for now rather than Exalted's system, but that may change soon.


January 05, 2006
Wallpapery - Posted by Gregor at 12:42 AM

Here is the official Jade Rhapsody wallpaper

December 29, 2005
Magel Journal 02 - Posted by Gregor at 10:06 PM

24 Descending Air, Realm Year 768

As I write, it is after midnight. The air is cool on my skin, but the coldest point of winter is long past, so I am not uncomfortable. Larian lies sleeping once again, and I will rejoin him when I have finished my task here.

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December 28, 2005
O.R. Log conversion - Posted by Gregor at 03:10 AM

The Obsidian Requiem Logs have now (finally) been converted to the weblog.

In the process a few glitches were discovered in the recently posted chronology (such as an entire missing session, conflicting information on in-world dates, etc).

All of that should be fixed in the new logs, the chronology post was altered to suit, and a little more detail was added to the summaries here and there. The new logs are split into Act I and Act II categories (see the sidebar to the right) to cut the category archive's file size down a bit and make them easier to read.

December 27, 2005
Magel Journal 01 - Posted by Gregor at 05:42 AM

23 Descending Air, Realm Year 768

It has been four weeks since this journey began. I thought that, nearing the end of the year as we are, this might be a good time to recount my experiences thus far.

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December 26, 2005
Chronology - Posted by Gregor at 10:28 PM

Per my previous post, I've revised the calendar somewhat from what it was when I ran Obsidian Requiem. This changed the dates of some events in the campaign (but not by much). This post details the changes, and also gives dates for events in Jade Rhapsody.

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Of Calendars and Clockwork - Posted by Gregor at 04:47 AM

Exalted presents a calendar of its own, and I've made certain changes to it to suit my own sensibilities. But I've failed to nail down these changes in a handy location for reference, so they keep mutating when my back is turned. This is an attempt to settle the system that I'm using, once and for all.

I also elaborate a bit on the practices and traditions relating to the calendar, and detail the Underworld's calendar a bit.

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